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Blockchain Explorer

Explore the wonderful world of Blockchains, now inside your website! One of the first multi-blockchain explorers!

Some features of the Plugin



There are two ways to complete the installation of this plugin:

Installation via WordPress dashboard

  1. Download the zip file of the plugin from CodeCanyon
  2. Access the WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin
  3. Click Install to install/activate the plugin.

Installation via FTP

  1. Download the zip file of the plugin from CodeCanyon
  2. Access the Filezilla (or any other FTP tool)
  3. Unzip the plugin archive on your computer
  4. Browse to wp-content/plugins/ on Filezilla and upload the blockchain-explorer plugin directory
  5. Wait for the files to transfer and go to your dashboard -> Plugins and activate the plugin

How to setup the plugin

The things we will need to setup our plugin are:
- The Blockchain Explorer's API url.
- An API Key (usually googling how to get one will get you to the guide you should follow, every blockchain explorer has a different documentation on the mainnet. Ex: *Blockchain Name* explorer get api key)
The tutorial below should be enough to help you set up the plugin.

  1. You will find the plugin inside your WordPress Admin Panel:
  2. Inside our tutorial we are using Avalanche (, but you can use any other blockchain explorer since most of them use the same platform. You could also search on Google: *Blockchain Name* explorer api (mainnet explorers documentations might look different).
    Step 1
  3. On this page click on "Accounts" from sidebar on the left.
    Step 2
  4. Copy the API url from the request example, you can copy everything before the "?". Also you have to copy the API Key from the request, on testnets 99% of the time the API will be public so you can just add "YourApiKeyToken".
    Step 3
  5. Now back to the plugin page, complete the form by with all the information that we gathered:
    Step 4
  6. [If NFT Marketplace Core is active] Configure the blockchain as you would normally do + the extra fields of the Blockchain Explorer Plugin
    Step 4
  7. Congratulations! You have finished configuring your plugin. Now navigate to and enjoy your plugin!


Q: Why do we need the blockchain explorer API?
A: The API is required so you can see an user's transactions, because the blockchain does not give us that kind of information. For this to be possible it would require your website to index the blockchain meaning your server needs to be powerful enough to iterate over the data, you will require to host your own node or pay for one, a capable server to store huge amounts of data;

Q: Dose it require any other plugin ?
A: Nope, you can use this plugin as standalone.;

Q: Compatible with other themes?
A: Yes! It is compatible with any theme;

Q: What is the name of the theme used in this demo?
A: Enefti - NFT Marketplace Theme by ModelTheme;

Q: How to Increase the Memory Limit on WordPress?
A: Please check this tutorial;

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