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Angro - WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Theme

Angro is the definition of a fully-packed B2B & B2C solution for stores and marketplace for wholesale, B2B, B2B & B2C and also private shopping areas inside the WooCommerce store.

Angro is compatible with any B2B & B2C WooCommerce plugin - and also compatible with 4 marketplace plugins (to enable multi-vendor functionalities) - WCFM Marketplace, Dokan, WCMp & WC Vendors.

Some features of the Theme

Install WordPress

That's it! WordPress should now be installed.

Theme Installation WordPress

The first option on how to install this Theme would be to directly upload the file via WordPress Theme Uploader.

If you are experiencing any issues during the installation I would recommend to check out this Tutorial by Envato

Theme Installation via FTP

The second option on how to install our Theme would be the upload via FTP manager. It really doesn't matter which of the two ways you choose, just choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

If you are experiencing any issues during the installation I would recommend to check out this Screencast by Envato

Install & Setup Plugins

So at this stage you have probably noticed a warning, asking you to install recommended plugins. This is needed to get the Theme Panel plugin and a few other plugins for the theme to work perfectly. Installing that is very simple, you just need to click Begin installing plugins and you will be redirected to the plugin installation page where you can install any Plugin you want or you need.

Theme Panel

If you want to change the general Options of the Theme, go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard Area to Theme Panel. Here you have a tabbed Navigation where you can change a lot of Options of your new Theme:



Activating the theme - License Manager

Important: New Theme Activator added in order to import demo data (theme panel tab). The "sampledate" folder from the package has been removed. Only automatic demo import will be used starting with this update. In case the automatic demo importer has issues on your installation, please contact our help team to provide the offline files for demo import. How to activate?


An activated license will look like this, and will list the demo data for import: demo

Read the following tutorial to learn all the things about the new activator/license manager: License Manager introduced in our themes

Import Demo Data - One-Click-Install

This theme comes with an amazing built-in feature: One-Click-Install -> Possibility to import demo data of the theme with one click only, and make your site look 1:1 with our demo.

Sounds cool? How can I install the demo?

Go to your WordPress Admin Panel -> Theme Panel -> Demo Importer


B2B & B2C Features

Angro is a perfect starting point for any B2B+B2C WooCommerce store or Marketplace. Full list of features that can be enabled with 3rd party plugins - recommendations below.

Plugin Name Availablity Note
B2BKing (Free Variant) Free on Not Included with the theme
B2BKing (Free Variant) Features:
  • Set wholesale prices (different prices for the same product) for each separate group (maximum 2 in free version) on the product page
  • Control available payment methods for each b2b group, for b2c users, and for logged out users
  • Control available shipping methods for each b2b group, for b2c users, and for logged out users
  • Automatic or Manual Registration Approval with the registration review process, based on Role
  • Unlimited Registration Roles (e.g. Reseller, Factory, Distributor, etc.)
  • Discount Amount Dynamic Rule
  • Discount Percentage Dynamic Rule
  • Works with any theme
  • Email notifications for New Customer Requires Approval, Your Account is Waiting for Approval, Your Account has been approved, You have a new customer registration

B2BKing (Paid/Pro Variant) Get it from on Not Included with the theme
B2BKing (PRO Variant) Features:
  • Unlimited Number of Groups
  • Private Store Functionality (Hide/Lock Prices and Store)
  • Wholesale Bulk Order Form
  • Conversations and Messaging between Shop and Buyers
  • Purchase Lists that can be user to re-order/replenish stock by B2B buyers
  • Offers (Product Bundles) created in Backend, visible for Users/Groups
  • Request a Quote Functionality
  • Powerful Extended Registration with Custom Registration Fields (e.g. Company Name, Custom Fields, VAT Number)
  • 8 Types of Custom fields (text, number, phone, select, file upload, etc.). Fields are added to billing and checkout.
  • VAT VIES Validation (for EU)
  • Tax Exemption Dynamic Rules
  • Invoice Payment Gateway
  • Tiered Pricing Table in Product Page. Auto-generated and design adapts to any theme.
  • Custom Information Table in Product Page
  • Content Visibility Restriction Shortcode
  • Hide prices for guests or Hide the entire website
  • Minimum and Maximum Order Rules
  • Free Shipping Rules
  • Replace Cart with Quote System
  • CSV Import Export Tool
  • Prices Excluding VAT/Tax for B2B users (Can pay VAT/Tax in Cart)
  • Product visibility (hide products) by group or user
  • Category visibility (hide categories) by group or user
  • Multiple buyers on account (Subaccounts)
  • Complex permissions setup for each subaccount
  • Change Currency Dynamic Rule
  • Zero Tax Product Rules
  • Fixed Price Rules
  • VAT Exemption Rules by VAT ID / Country with Complex setups (e.g. in the EU it supports reverse VAT charge)
  • Wholesale prices by user
  • Add Custom Taxes & Fees
  • Quote Requests for Guests
  • Hide prices for specific products only
  • Payment Method Minimum Order (e.g. Bank Transfer only for orders $1000 and up)
  • Bulk Management Tools
  • Condition-Based Discounts
  • Search by SKU
  • Extended Re-Order
  • Required Multiple Rules (Products can be purchased in multiples of X, e.g. 6, 12, 18)
  • WP Roles per B2BKing Groups
  • Conversations, Offers, Purchase Lists, Bulk Order, Subaccounts added to My Account for each B2B user, with Pre-Built Theme Design
  • Multiple users in a company can place orders or send messages. You can view who placed which order or sent which message.
  • Withholding Tax (Ritenuta D’acconto)
  • Force Login for Guests
  • B2B Registration Shortcode
  • Wholesale Order Form Shortcode
  • Many more features and integrations across features
  • New features constantly added. Get in touch with us for pre-sales questions.

WooCommerce B2B (Paid/Pro Variant) Get it from on Not Included with the theme
WooCommerce B2B (PRO Variant) Features:
  • What admins can do?
    • Manage groups
    • Assign a group to customers
    • Change status of customer accounts
    • Set a dedicated price by the group for each product
    • Set dedicated tier prices by the group for each product
    • Set minimum, maximum and package quantities for each product
    • Set pages and product categories visibility by group
    • Select payment methods by group
    • Select shipping methods by group
    • Set up tax exemption by group
    • Set a minimum purchase amount by group
    • Set an additional order fee by group
    • Manage quotes
    What customer can do?
    • Search products by SKU
    • Make large orders via CSV file
    • Choose his own group

Feature: Custom Typography

Option Type: Theme Panel Option - To access this option and add new custom css to your website go to Theme Panel(Styling Settings Tab)

Entire list of fonts can be checked here:;

Feature: Page/Post Metaboxes

Option Type: Page/Post Metaboxes(not theme panel options) - To deal with these options, when editing a post/page you will get a set of options as follows:

Custom Header Options

General Page Options

Custom Footer Options

MT Widgets

angro Theme comes with a lot of custom widgets which can be found in your WordPress Admin Area under Appearance > Widgets.

  1. angro - Contact
  2. angro - Social icons widgets
  3. angro - Posts thumbnails slider
  4. angro - Recent Posts with thumbnails
  5. angro - Contact + Social icons

MT Shortcodes

angro comes with WPBakery Page Builder Plugin included, so any customer of the theme can use this amazing drag and drop page builder.


Besides default WPBakery Page Builder shortcodes, angro comes with +30 custom shortcodes.

angro comes a huge list of shortcodes integrated directly into WPBakery Page Builder Plugin


Allow Account Registration

To allow for account registration

Please make sure that in Dashboard -> Settings -> General ->Anyone can register is turned on

And also in Woocommerce -> Settings -> Accounts and Privacy -> Allow customers to create an account on the "My account" page



Theme Support

You get free 6 month support with this item. If you need some help or found a bug or issue with the theme, you can always contact us here via email and we will respond to you within 1 day.

If you want to send us a message with an issue or a questions, you can reach us at Ticksy to submit a ticket.

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