MTBF - Black Friday Mode Plugin for WooCommerce

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Some features of the Plugin

Plugin Installation

The first option on how to install this Plugin would be to directly upload the file via WordPress Plugin Uploader.

If you are experiencing any issues during the installation I would recommend to check out this Screencast by Envato

Plugin Installation via FTP

The second option on how to install our Plugin would be the upload via FTP manager. It really doesn't matter which of the two ways you choose, just choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

If you are experiencing any issues during the installation I would recommend to check out this Screencast by Envato

How to Setup a Campaign

If you want to change the general Options of the Plugin, go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard Area to MTBF Theme Panel. Here you have a tabbed Navigation where you can change a lot of Options of your new Plugin:

  1. Make sure that plugin for WooCommerce is installed and activated
  2. Make sure that plugin MTFB is installed and activated
  3. Add Sale Campaigns
  4. Enter Campaigns title
  5. Campaign Timing Options
    1. Campaign Starting Date
    2. Campaign Starting Time
    3. Campaign Closing Date
    4. Campaign Closing Time
  6. If the starting date isn't the current day counter will not appear

  7. Custom Header Options
    1. Custom Logo
    2. Custom Logo URL
    3. Header Background Color
    4. Back to Website URL
    5. Back to Website Link Label
  8. Background After Header:
    • Upload Background
  9. Body Styling:
    • Upload Body Background Image
    • Set Body Background Color
  10. Products Grid Options:
    • Products per Row
    • Products Limit Per Categoryr
  11. Extra Options:
    • CSS Classes/IDs for Blocks to Hide
  12. After you created a Campaign go to Products -> Categories. Click to Edit a category.
  13. In the red box you can choose the campaingn name for current category. A Campaign could have one or more category.

How to Start a Campaign - Page Template

From version v1.5 of the plugin (Released on October 23, 2019) We added a new & easier feature to start the campaigns: Via Page Template.

In order to start the campaign you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Step 1: Add your campaign details on MT Black Friday
  2. Step 2: Go to MTBF Settings and set up the extra settings for the campaign.
  3. Step 3: Create a new page (Example: Black Friday) and select the "Black Friday" page template from the dropdown:
  4. Step 4: You can now view the page template. It should list all the parent categories which has products with the applied settings.

Frontend View


For more FAQ articles, check our online documentation here.

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You get free 6 month support with this item. If you need some help or found a bug or issue with the plugin, you can always contact us here via email and we will respond to you within 1 day.

Change LOG

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