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Some features of the Theme

Install WordPress

That's it! WordPress should now be installed.

Theme Installation WordPress

The first option how to install this Theme would be to directly upload the file via WordPress Theme Uploader.

If you are experiencing any issues during the installation I would recommend to check out this Screencast by Envato

Theme Installation via FTP

The second option how to install our Theme would be the upload via FTP manager. It really dosen't matter which of the two ways you choose, just choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

If you are experiencing any issues during the installation I would recommend to check out this Screencast by Envato

Install & Setup Plugins

So at this stage you have probably noticed a warning, asking you to install recommended plugins. This is needed to get the Theme Panel plugin and few other plugins for the theme to work perfectly. Installing that is very simple, you just need to click Begin installing plugins and you will be redirected to the plugin installation page where you can install any Plugin you want and need.

Setup Contact Form

After activating the theme go to Pages -> Add New Page
STEP 1: Click on Add Element STEP 2: Search for Contact Form and select contact form 7 Result on page

Import Demo Data - One-Click-Install

This theme comes with an amazing built-in feature: One-Click-Install -> Posibility to import demo data of each variant of the theme with one click only, and make your site look 1:1 like in our demo.

Sounds cool? How can I install the demo?

Go to your Wordpress Admin Panel -> Biz'ness Theme Options Panel -> Demo Importer

Here are listed all the variations of the theme. You can choose which variation to import demo data from

Once you selected the desired demo to import just make a click on the Import Demo button

Importing Smart slider 3

Theme Options Panel

If you want to change the general Options of the Theme, go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard Area to Biz'ness Theme Panel. Here you have a tabbed Navigation where you can change a lot of Options of your new Theme:

Biz'ness Widgets

Biz'ness Theme comes with a lot of custom widgets which can be found in your WordPress Admin Area under Appearance > Widgets.

  1. Biz'ness - Flickr Feed
  2. Biz'ness - Post thumbnails slider
  3. Biz'ness - Recent Posts with thumbnails
  4. Biz'ness - Recent Tweets
  5. Biz'ness - Social icons widget
  6. Biz'ness - TABS: Random, Recent posts
  7. Biz'ness - Testimonials slider

Biz'ness Shortcodes

Biz'ness comes with KingComposer Plugin included, so any customer of the theme can use this amazing drag and drop page builder.

Besides default KingComposer shortcodes, Biz'ness comes with +30 custom shortcodes.

Biz'ness comes a huge list of shortcodes integrated directly into KingComposer Plugin


You get full life-time support with this item. If you need some help or found a bug or issue with the template, You can always contact us at here via email and we will respond to you within 1 day.